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ion chocolate. ion, 100 gram. Kalorier: 540 •Kolhydrater: 55 g •Fett: 33 g •Protein: 8 g. 540. Sokofreta. Ion, 38 gr. Kalorier: 207 •Kolhydrater: 22 g •Fett: 12 g  σοκολάτα ION αμυγδάλου.the best Greek chocolate made with only the real · Glada Bilder Pavlidis - dark chocolate - Athens · Paris ION Sokofreta!

Sokofreta chocolate

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ion chocolate. ion, 100  560. ion chocolate. ion, 100 gram.

Chocofreta - Milk Chocolate Covered Wafers, CASE (20x38g) : ( Sokofreta)Product of Greece. Ποια μεγάλη απόλαυση θα επιλέξεις για να σε συντροφεύσει; #ioncyprus #ion #iongiapanta #sokofreta #space #choose #chocolate #ChocolateVsSokofreta. SERENATA CROISSANT DOUBLE COCOA 50g.

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Dimensions. 0.7"W X 6"L X 1.7"H The well-known chocolate covered wafer brand ION Chocofreta has created the all new ION Chocofreta Cream! A delicious cocoa cream with rich chocolate taste coupled with the taste of wafer. The product can be used as a spread on bread or toast.

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Sokofreta chocolate

This bar is made of  8 Sep 2020 This Milk Chocolate Wafer is the most popular Greek wafer. An all time classic product in the Greek market! Sokofreta Green. Write review |. Ask question. £1.00.

Sokofreta chocolate

3A Peeled Chick Peas 500g 3Alpha offers the highest quality grains ION Milk Chocolate . We recommend replacing traditional chocolate spreads with Macedonian Tahini Cocoa. Milk Mini Chocofreta ION. ION Chocofreta (Sokofreta) is by far one of the most popular confections of Greece.
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It can also be used to cover homemade pastries and cakes and as a dip for biscuits, fruits and nuts.
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Kex hasselnöt 38g "Ion" Sokofreta - Greksson Import AB


Kex Med Choklad På - Canal Midi

ION S.A. is the only chocolate company in Greece with a complete cocoa and chocolate production process, from cocoa bean to the end product. The company imports, following a thorough product control, high quality cocoa beans from the various cocoa producing countries. ION Sokofreta Cream: Cocoa cream, wafer and milk chocolate spread.ΠΡΟΪΟΝ ΕΠΑΛΕΙΨΗΣ - ΚΡΕΜΑ ΚΑΚΑΟ ΜΕ ΒΑΦΛΑ & ΣΟΚΟΛΑΤΑ ΓΑΛΑΚΤΟΣ ΙΟΝ ΣΟΚΟΦΡΕΤΑ (380g) Sokofreta chocolate . Greek chocolate bar. $2.00. Homemade Kourambiethes.

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