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This full time two-year programme combines cultural and communication studies with management studies. 2020-12-16 · What kind of master’s in negotiation and conflict management degree should you get? Each of the 10 programs on our list will provide a foundation in conflict resolution fundamentals. No matter which school you graduate from, you’ll be ready to tackle complex problems and negotiate tricky scenarios. Intercultural communication is crucial to comprehending the world of today and participating in the world of tomorrow.

Master intercultural management

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The program is designed for professionals interested in expanding their knowledge in International management, providing a global perspective on social responsibility, strategy and problem solving. GBS also offers The Master of Arts in Intercultural Conflict Management (MA-ICM) was created as a program of studies strongly oriented toward practical applications. It is a non-consecutive, Master's level program, designed according to recognised higher-education criteria. 2019-04-01 - Intercultural Management With a Master's degree from the programme, you will be a specialist in intercultural communication and qualified for working in both public and private organisations, for example as an international coordinator, project manager, human resources manager, information officer, public relations specialist, researcher or 13 rows This MA course in Intercultural Management is an English-language course for internationally mobile and open-minded students from around the world, who are interested in diversity and intercultural communication. The two-year course, run by the Languages and Communication Faculty of the University of Burgundy, is designed to help students develop The Intercultural Career Opportunity (ICCO) 2021 Seminar Is Successfully Concluded 2 mars 2021 On March 1st, 2021, with masks on and social distancing measures in place, the Intercultural Management (ICM) program held its annual Intercultural Career Opportunity (ICCO) seminar both … The Master of Arts International Business & Intercultural Management (MIBIM) qualifies first-degree graduates for management positions in globally operating organisations. It is intended to equip future business leaders with the subject knowledge and the methodological, interpersonal and intercultural skills that will enable them to excel and become standout leaders in our rapidly changing business world. If you have extensive years of experience in your field (at least 10 years with at least 6 years of management responsibilities), you may demonstrate your qualifications through the 6 month master's entrance program.

Provision of potential solutions. Investigation and presentation of a keyword relevant to intercultural management. Contents of the module: The aim of the seminar is to raise awareness of potential intercultural challenges, discuss potential solutions, and implement them in teams.

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GU-15799. 120. Cultural Differences × fi=Master's Degree Programme in International This research focuses on the “Intercultural management issues took place during the  This will be done leveraging existing Master's courses/programs of integration, enhance intercultural understanding and language skills. This is about YOU studying: Management, Economics, Leadership, This Master Program is designed to supply you with the necessary abilities for today's global Elective course, 7,5 hp --- Could be in "Intercultural Communication".

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Master intercultural management

The Master International Communication Management aims to bring you a practical and real-world focus to relevant theory and will make the connection between theory and practise. You will be thoroughly prepared to work in the communication field of your choice or enhance your current role in communications. As a graduate of the Master in International Communication you will be an intercultural communication professional able to work in a global context, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to work at managerial or consultancy level.

Master intercultural management

Learn from top managers in the cultural management field, in 7 major arts & cultural  Sophie. Admitted in Master's in Intercultural Management French/English, Italian. What was your initial field of study? I trained and worked professionally as a  A degree in Intercultural Communication prepares you for careers such as cultural exchange advising and administration, study-abroad programming, refugee and  The Master of Advanced Studies in Intercultural Communication (MIC) is a part- time postgraduate program for professionals engaged in managing operational  Double Degree Programm · Master International Business (MBA) · Incoming Austauschstudierende Module name. Module 13 / ICM, Intercultural Management Cross Cultural Management, Seminaristischer Unterricht, 2 Credit ho This MOOC explores different aspects of intercultural management, including a wide range of general management and specialised programmes (Master,  Journal of Intercultural Management, now quarterly, have been published since 2009. Since 2014 all issues of JOIM have been added to Walter De Gruyter  7 Jun 2019 As part of my studies, I wrote a master thesis about intercultural management and its consequences on the current managerial practices within  This Master's programme also prepares students for the ideation, launch, management and evaluation of cultural projects with an intercultural or international  Intercultural Communication and Management course at the Rome Business Participation in the Master's course entitles you to be enrolled in the Rome  Master the leadership skills needed to manage an intercultural team. Be prepared for Intercultural negotiation with teammates and business partners  Learn about the Master in Int'l.
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QUALIFICATION (PROFESSIONAL TITLE) Magister/Magistrica medkulturnega managementa (Master in Intercultural Management) START OF THE PROGRAMME: October 2021.

aA-+ 12 Avr 2018 Intercultural Management (ICM) Tags : master. Fiche de présentation à venir. Fiche Filière Master 1. The Master’s Programme in Intercultural Management and Communication (IMCo) is your key to global understanding.
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Intercultural communication In multicultural organisations people have different linguistic and cultural backgrounds which can easily lead to misunderstandings when communicating. Furthermore, in many multicultural organisations English is the lingua franca i.e. the common language of communication between people who do not necessarily have English as a native language. The Master of Advanced Studies in Intercultural Communication (MIC) is a part-time postgraduate program for professionals engaged in managing operational or strategic situations in a multicultural context and in managing multicultural human resources. Se hela listan på Prof.


Intercultural communication is crucial to comprehending the world of today and participating in the world of tomorrow. Globalisation has led to ever-greater centrality of knowledge and information. Different linguistic communities have ever-increasing contact – through migration, tourism, education, and information and media flows yet linguistic and cultural barriers persist. Master International Communication Management.

From the theoretical basics to the practical implementation. Se hela listan på Overview.